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Rolls-Royce ‘Droptail’ Features an Audemars Piguet in the Dash

Rolls-Royce created their first ever two-door car for their Coachbuild series. ...

For the first time ever, Rolls-Royce have created a two-seat car for the Coachbuild series. The first of four examples has been unveiled and has been dubbed the ‘Droptail’, following on from 2017’s Sweptail and the 2021 Boat Tail made in collaboration with “the marque’s most ambitious clients.” This one even has a special mount for 43mm timepiece designed by Audemars Piguet.

The Droptail has been inspired by American coachbuilders in the early 20th century as well as cars like the 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost ‘Sluggard’ and the 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom Brewster New York Roadster.

Under the hood is the classic 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 that the brand claim has been given an extra 30bhp (22kW). This is apparently the first time power has been added for a coachbuild product for a total power output of 593bhp (442kW) and 620lb ft (840Nm).

The body features plenty of carbon fibre, much of it is not visible. Rolls-Royce say that the new underpinnings were crafted with an aluminium, steel, and carbon fibre monocoque while the load-bearing front wing and doors are steel. The rear features ‘sail cowls’ behind the cabin and a huge downforce-producing rear deck.

The designers replaced the standard roof of the car with a glass panel, that can become completely translucent at the touch of a button.

The interior is minimalistic with a cantilevered armrest that covers the infotainment controller when it isn’t being used. The main motif, though, is wood. The cockpit contains 1,603 wood triangles that were built and hand-painted over a two-year period. These were then laid onto the interior to emulate the scattering of rose petals. The commissioning couple wanted the interior to be inspired by the Black Baccara rose. To do this, two shades of red are used dubbed ‘true love’ and ‘mystery’. It took such a massive effort to create this interior artwork that one person could only work on it for a maximum of five hours a day, including weeks of work in a soundproofed space for a total of nine months of work, according to Rolls-Royce.

The most interesting aspect of the interior isn’t the rose, it’s the inclusion of an Audemars Piguet. The watchmaker created a custom 43mm Royal Oak Concept Split-Seconds Chronograph GMT Large Date to be mounted on the dash. A powered clasp holds it in place on the dash though there is a portable setting allowing the owner to remove the timepiece and wear it. There’s even a place to store straps in the armrest.

This is the perfect example of what to do with your money when you don’t know what do to with it.

There are three more Droptails to be revealed in the coming days.


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