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Novitec Extracted Even More Power From the Ferrari 812 Competizione

By redesigning the exhaust system, Novitec manage an extra 29kW of power in the Ferrari 812 Competitzione. ...

Ferrari may have just unveiled their own one-off livery for the 812 Competizione, but German car tuners, Novitec, decided they would take their own crack at the car and see how they could improve it.

The engine of the Novitec 812 Comp is already an 610kW (819bhp) 6.5-litre V12, but Novitec’s first thought seems to have been to add more power. You would think that slapping a turbo on it would do the job, but instead they managed to extract an extra 29kW (35bhp) by redesigning the exhaust system. Novitec say that the new oval-tipped pipes allow the engine to breathe more freely while also saving weight.

If you wanted to save even more weight, you can spec the weight to be made from Inconel rather than steel, or even gold-plating for better thermal insulation.

The ride height has also been lowered by 25mm thanks to a set of sports springs, as well as a 40mm nose lift so you don’t scrape the splitter on every little bump. It also has new forged wheels made by Vossen that measure 21-inches up-front and 22 in the rear.

All 999 examples have already been spoken for so if you want this performance package, you’ll have to send in your own Competizione. Who knows why someone would do such a thing, but there you have it.


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