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Bugatti’s New One-Off Chiron Super-Sport ‘Golden Era’ Revealed

This one-off Bugatti has 45 sketches of historic Bugatti's all crafted by hand onto the car's panels....

At first, you may gaze upon the golden panels of the one-off Bugatti Chiron Super-Sport ‘Golden Era’ and say, “That’s just a gold Bugatti with sketches on the doors,” and in a sense you’d be right. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find some history adorning those panels.

Like many one-offs, this has been produced for a “very special customer” that wanted to pay tribute the Chiron SS as well as the outgoing W16 engine. To effectively do so, Bugatti’s team led by former design boss, Achim Andscheidt, went through the archives picking cars from the brand’s two golden eras to adorn the panels.

On the driver’s side, you’ll find depictions of the EB110, Veyron, and Chiron. On the passenger’s side you’ll find the Type 57 SC Atlantic and Type 41 Royale.

The base colour is a one-off shade of gold named ‘Doré’ onto which Bugatti artisans hand sketched directly onto the bodywork using pens normally reserved for paper. 26 cars have been sketched onto the passenger side, while 19 are present on the driver’s side. All up the whole car took 400 hours to complete. That includes the three painted cars on the interior door panels.

“Our team proposed a concept featuring 45 sketches of the brand’s icons that would be hand-drawn directly onto the car itself, and the owner immediately fell in love with the idea,” Andscheidt said.

“The implementation may sound quite straightforward, but achieving a perfect finish, and one that would last the test of time, took more patience and craftsmanship than you could ever imagine.”

Bugatti says the owner will complete the handover ceremony at 2023’s Monterey Car Week.


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