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Williams and Logan Sargeant Stand United After “Clear Turning Point”

Logan Sargeant and Williams feel confident for the rookie's season after what they hope has been a "clear turning point." ...

Williams have had a surprising year with a car that on certain circuits is deceptively quick. The only problem they’ve been facing is that most of Williams’ successes can be attributed to Alex Albon. His teammate, Logan Sargeant, has had a difficult start with much of it attributed to unfamiliar venues and temporary tracks. Despite this, Sergeant has shown in both Austria and Silverstone that he is improving. 

Sargeant for his part, attributes his improvement in part to team principal James Vowles’ guidance. 

“I think because he’s worked with young drivers in the past,” said Sargeant. “He also drives himself so he’s quite switched on from a driving sense, and just understands F1 better than anyone I’ve personally ever spoke to. 

“In that sense he’s been super helpful in trying to help me develop as a driver and get on top of the issues. He’s been one of the leaders and pushing that and trying to help me overcome them.” 

Williams head of vehicle performance, Dave Robson, acknowledges that now the calendar has returned to Europe, many of the tracks are familiar to Sargeant which should help boost his confidence and performance. 

“I think that makes a difference,” said Robson. “And at the same time though, there is just that learning, that experience, good or bad, I think it all is really valuable. So hopefully things are just starting to come together.

Robson believes the next two tracks “will be very interesting as “they are circuits he knows, circuits that he should be quite good at.” 

In Austria his solid performance went largely under the radar, but he did manage to repeat that performance at Silverstone which Robson agreed was a good performance. 

“I think by far and away Austria was his best race to that point,” Robson said. “I think to then come to Silverstone and back that up, he did a sterling job. 

“I think his lap under pressure in Q1 after the red flag, having queued up, that was exceptionally good as well. And the kind of thing that a few races ago he may have not been able to cope with. 

“The race was very good. And it wasn’t easy, particularly the first 10 laps when there was a bit of drizzle and wind, and it was difficult to manage the tyres and just to build a nice pace. But he got through all of that. And his pace wasn’t far off Alex at all, and Alex was running the new front wing, and not Logan. 

“I think these two weekends have been really good, and hopefully mark a clear turning point.” 


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