Range Rovers Keep Getting Stolen in London

Land Rover’s premium SUV, the Range Rover, was the second most stolen vehicle in the UK last year....

Land Rover’s premium SUV, the Range Rover, was the second most stolen vehicle in the UK last year, according to Autocar. Most of the thefts took place in London and it’s gotten to a point where owners are finding it hard to get insurance. 

With over 5,200 Range Rovers taken, many insurers who have been hit with mounting claims have either stopped insuring Range Rovers or have sharply increased their premiums. The cost of covering the SUV is triple that of the Bentley Bentayga, despite the Bentley costing $60,000 USD more. 

Land Rover themselves aren’t offering insurance for its models having ceased on November 1 2022. While Land Rover explained that they had agreed with insurance provider, Verex, to end their partnership but are preparing to launch “an exciting new insurance proposition.” 

The only car stolen more often is the Ford Fiesta. 

Range Rovers aren’t being targeted because there is a security flaw, like some other models from Kia and Hyundai, rather it’s simply due to their popularity. Basically, thieves know that there is demand for Range Rovers, allowing them to offload them quickly for plenty of money. 

A spokesperson for Jaguar Land Rover told Autocar, “We are aware of the impact that this criminality is having on the availability of insurance options for some of our clients. We are proactively engaging with relevant stakeholders, including insurance providers, to evidence how we are improving vehicle security and providing measures to counter this type of activity.” 

Reportedly, these thefts are of older Range Rover models rather than the current ones with the company urging people to “use all available measures to protect their vehicle, including activating our ‘Remote’ app and its suite of security features including ‘Guardian Mode,’ which monitors the vehicle and provides an alert if the car has been unlocked.”


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