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Fernando Alonso Explains Why He Left Alpine: “No Offer Ever Came” 

Fernando Alonso has explained why he left Alpine for Aston Martin in the wake of Sebastian Vettel's departure....

If you were there last year, you would know the drama that Sebastian Vettel’s departure from Aston Martin caused. One driver who capitalised on Vettel’s unexpected departure was Fernando Alonso who left Alpine to take Vettel’s empty seat. Now, almost a year after the fact, Alonso has explained why he left Alpine citing a lack of any offer from the French team. 

When speaking to NextGen, Alonso explained that receiving the offer to drive for Aston Martin from Lawrence Stroll “was a good decision, a lucky decision and I’m glad I made it.” 

Alonso added, “In fact, it wasn’t a choice, because I didn’t receive any concrete offer from Alpine. Just words. If I’d had an offer from Alpine at the start of the year, I would have signed it, that’s for sure. But I only had one offer and I accepted it. 

“At Alpine, last year, I would have signed up.” 

When speaking to Spanish outlet, AS, at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Alonso explained that Aston Martin has “such a good and positive dynamic, with great ambition” in contrast to Alpine “in which I had to paddle against the current.”

“When you are in a work environment in which you feel valued and respected, as I feel here at Aston,” Alonso said, “the level of performance that you can give to the team changes.”

He found that he “more or less happy” at Alpine “but no offer ever arrived” and it was clear that they were more interested in other drivers. 

“They were always looking for Piastri, for things like that, and since no offer arrived, in the end, this one arrived. And it was a stroke of luck to my career.” 

It certainly has been a good decision on Alonso’s part with Aston Martin having earned six podiums, far more than he ever got in his two years at Alpine. 


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