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The 2023 Canadian Grand Prix May be a Horrorshow for Ferrari

Despite upgrades in Barcelona, Ferrari's SF-23 looks to be in no better a position especially with Leclerc's car issues remaining unsolved....

It’s no secret that Ferrari haven’t lived up to expectations for the 2023 season. While the same can be said for most of the grid bar Red Bull and Aston Martin, Ferrari are in a unique position as their upgrades have done little to improve their position. After a significant package was introduced in Barcelona, the team discovered that there was something wrong with Charles Leclerc’s car. The problem is that Ferrari hasn’t figured out what exactly is wrong with it ahead of the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix. 

In Barcelona, Leclerc looked to be suffering from a lack of rear-end grip, visibly twitching on track during qualifying. Things weren’t much better come race day having finished outside of the points in P11. 

A report from read that nothing on the car has been changed and that there were no “physical malfunctions.” 

“It’s likely that some setting betrayed the Monegasque in qualifying,” the report read, “then returned to place with the total reset of the set-up in parc fermè.” 

When asked at the FIA drivers’ press conference ahead of Canada if the issue had been solved, Leclerc bluntly responded, “No, no. We didn’t.” 

Leclerc seemed confused about what was going wrong saying that, “This is the first time that it happened in my career.

“If I look at all the left-hand corners, that’s where I was struggling and I said it straightaway after qualifying. [Then] we could see that on the data that I’m losing some six-and-a-half or seven-tenths in all the left-hand corners, but there are no real reasons for it yet.” 

He went on to say that fans should not expect any miracles at the Canadian GP as the team isn’t bringing anything new and the track is notorious for tyre degradation. 

“At this track we don’t have anything new so I don’t think we’ll have any miracles,” said Leclerc. 

“But we need to just try and understand more the way we should set up the car in order to maximise our package. In Spain we were quite easily off the [setup] window and then we’re losing quite a lot of performance. We’ve learned a lot and I’m pretty sure we’ll be in a better place for this weekend, but I don’t think it will be a huge step forward.” 


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