Take a Look at the Off-White Pre-Spring 2024 Collection

The Off-White Pre-Spring 2024 collection has a few subtle nods the basketball legend, Michael Jordan. ...

Off-White have released their Pre-Spring 2024 collection and it’s an interesting blend of streetwear and formalwear. Perhaps that is due to the subtle inspiration of basketball legend, Michael Jordan, such as the inclusion of the number 23, that created this blend given the man was no stranger to a suit. 

While Off-White aren’t strangers to Nike’s Jordan Brand, this collection isn’t a collaboration. Instead, it seems the brand has taken Michael Jordan, the man, as a style cue or motif. You can see hints of the huge suits and wide denim jeans in this collection that may or may not be directly related to Jordan.

The most obvious reference is the number 23, Jordan’s number when playing for the Chicago Bulls. They can use the number 23 as much as they want without having to pay Nike because no one can own a number, but again, given Off-White’s familiar relationship with Nike, you start to wonder if Nike really had nothing to do with this collection. Past that though, they’ve really left it up to interpretation… with the exception of the basketball jacket and shorts combo.

The result of this collection are simply Jordan inspired luxury gear without much else to it, but at the same time, it doesn’t have to be more than that. They have added silver jewellery, bead-studded hats, and hyper-chunky sneakers that amplify that 90s flavour.


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