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Omega Surprise Fans With 8 New “Summer Blue” Models

To celebrate 75 years of the Omega Seamaster, the brand has unleashed 8 new models all adorned with "Summer Blue" dials reflecting each piece's depth rating....

The Omega Seamaster is an icon, no doubt about it. From James Bond to U.S presidents, the Seamaster has been a staple for 75 years now and to celebrate such an occasion, Omega have gone all out by releasing 8 models all in “Summer Blue”. 

“Omega’s Summer Blue evokes a pristine ocean on a perfect day,” Omega explains. “A natural choice of colour for a watch linked to exploration – produced by a brand committed to ocean conservation. 

“The beautiful hue forms the base layer of almost all the dials in the commemorative collection. Layers of varnish, carefully applied or free flowing depending on the required effect, provide the sense of depth.” 

As Seamasters have a depth rating of anywhere between 150m to 6000m, Omega thought it would be fun to signal that on the dial. The deeper the depth rating, the darker the blue. 

Each of the watches have a solid caseback with a commemorative engraved/etched caseback with the Seamaster’s signature motif, Poseidon atop two seahorses. 

All images credited to Omega

“In the 1950s, Omega set out to create a symbol that would represent the entire Seamaster collection,” Omega said. “It needed to exude the collection’s seafaring heritage, refined style, and robust spirit. 

“Designer Jean-Pierre Borle found that inspiration on a trip to Venice: the sculpted representations of Neptune’s Seahorse on each side of the city’s iconic gondolas.”

Without further ado, let’s look at the watches. 

Two New Aqua Terras

Omega have released three new stainless steel configurations of the Aqua Terra. One is 38mm with rounded indices and date window and 41mm variant with pointed indices, an oblong date window, and a dial-matching rubber strap option. 

Given the depth motif, these 150m depth rating watches are the lightest dials in the collection. 

These are the same as the Aqua Terras available now in terms of dimensions and calibre specifications.

These are priced at CHF 6,100 ($11,225 AUD) for the 38mm, and CHF 5,600 ($10,300 AUD) for the 41mm on a rubber strap and CHF 5,800 ($10,675 AUD) on stainless steel. 

Aqua Terra Worldtimer

Again, these are the same as their non-”Summer Blue” compadres in terms of specs but offer a wider range of blue hues than the standard blue dial. The steel watch is available on a matching bracelet or blue rubber strap.

The dial utilises light blue to indicate daytime on the 24-hour reading, with dark blue indicating night. 

These are also available with either a rubber strap priced at CHF 8,700 ($16,000 AUD), or a steel bracelet priced at CHF 8,900 ($16,350 AUD). 

Seamaster Diver 300m

As we dive deeper, the colours are beginning to darken though we haven’t quite reached the depths yet. The Seamaster Diver 300m features a grained and matte texture the dial in polished ceramic with a laser etched wave pattern. Not only that but it also has a sunburst effect. 

These also are available on either a stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap, priced at CHF 5,500 ($10,125 AUD) and CHF 5,200 ($9,575 AUD) respectively. 

Seamaster 300

This is similar to Diver in almost every way barring the wave pattern. Obviously the hands and indices differ but the motifs used are typical of each model. The 41mm watch has a symmetrical case and crown in both polished and brushed steel with a matching bracelet. 

These are priced at CHF 6,500 ($11,950 AUD). 

Planet Ocean 600m

The dial on the Planet Ocean 600m is ever so slightly darker than the 300m Seamasters though most noticeably on the ceramic bezel. This bezel features light blue diving scales which encircle the ceramic dial which is PVD treated and varnished with a gradient finish.

Again, all the specs are the same as other Planet Oceans with a price of CHF 6,500 ($11,950 AUD). 


For this piece, Omega has done a little more than change the dial colour. This formerly discontinued model has returned with a retrospective redesign of the case, bringing it in line with the dimensions of the original 1970’s model with 55mm in diameter and 45mm in case length lug-to-lug. So while the watch is quite wide, the lug-to-lug is shorter than both the 300 and 300m Diver. 

Other highlights include the return to a monobloc construction and the use of O-mega steel, previously limited to the Ultra Deep. 

These 1,200m watches arrive on a rubber strap and are priced at CHF 12,500 ($22,975 AUD).

Ultra Deep 6,000m

Given its impressive depth rating, these are the darkest dials in the range. It features a pattern that’s “an exact representation of the Challenger Deep mapped by the Five Deeps team using almost one million sonar points”. As an added bit of fun, the dial will reveal the words “Omega Was Here” and a curved line pointing to the spot that Omega reached their dive record at 10,935m if you shine a UV light over it. 

These are priced at CHF 11,400 ($20,950 AUD). 


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