MSCHF and Kid Cudi Collab for Typically Idiosyncratic Super Normal 2 Sneakers

Kid Cudi and MSCHF have collaborated for one of the most unique sneaker releases in recent memory... in typical MSCHF fashion....

MSCHF’s signature Super Normal sneakers are one of the more “normal” options in their collection, but you can throw that idea out of the window because their new collaboration with Kid Cudi takes the Super Normal 2 to wild new heights. 

Kid Cudi revealed that he was dropping a sneaker collaboration with MSCHF on June 23 at the Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash. He wore the one-off sample Super Normal 2s onstage and they are certainly unique. 

Kid Cudi MSCHF sneakers
All images credited to MSCHF

While the shoe has an approachable shape the hues and materials are anything but. Bright, swirling fleece uppers in bright pinks, blues, and deep reds reminiscent of bubble gum or 1960s wavy graphic art, particularly on the laces. 

Bright blue outsoles are paired with grey midsoles, that is perhaps the only neutral colour on the entire shoe. 

The differences from the original sneaker include a fat beefed-up tongue and the very thick laces. The shoe is reminiscent of something Willy Wonka would wear if he was into streetwear. 

These are typical of Cudi’s own style as his Members of the Rage brand also leans into striking colours, interesting patterns, and little to no branding. 

Not only that, but this is bang on the money for MSCHF branding. 

As MSCHF co-founder, Daniel Greenberg, told High Snobiety, MSCHF are supposed to be idiosyncratic because “the sneaker landscape is so incredibly stale.” 

“Like, think about these collaborations where they bring in a celebrity to just change a colour or emblem and that’s it. If we were going to collaborate with a sneaker brand, they’d have to break open a new mould: we’re not just doing a MSCHF colourway.” 

MSCHF have certainly been breaking the mould with their recent Big Red Boot and its collaborative sequel with Crocs debuted with a little help from Tommy Cash. It isn’t just their shoes that are pushing boundaries either as the brand created a literal microscopic handbag no bigger than a grain of salt. 


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