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Ferrari Unleash the SF90 XX Stradale and Spider

Ferrari have just launched their first ever “XX” series car that is actually road legal, but that doesn't mean they've sacrificed any power. ...

Ferrari have just launched their first ever “XX” series car that is actually road legal. The SF90 XX may be road legal but that doesn’t mean that it has sacrificed any power as a result. 

The SF90 already has 986bhp on the “standard” model but Ferrari engineers have managed to increase that by 30bhp to 1016bhp with 786bhp coming from the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and 230bhp from the hybrid system. 

By removing the secondary air system Ferrari saved 3.5kg of weight but it doesn’t stop there.  Redesigned combustion chambers, new pistons, and polished inlets and ducts all contribute to improved performance. In total, the SF90 XX has shed 10kg of weight. 

“Combine the best of our road cars with the best of our racing experience to create a unique car that is basically a racing car but road-legal, to reward our most special clients,” said Ferrari marketing and commercial boss, Enrico Galliera. 

“This is a new concept, never before developed by Ferrari, bringing together the best of the Special Series together with the extreme performance of the XX.” 

From the ground up, Ferrari tweaked the underbody, the side louvres, a larger front splitter, wider diffuser, a pair of “S-ducts” on the bonnet, and blown ducts on the bumper. 

The rear wing is massive and can be adjusted for either low drag or high downforce. Speaking of downforce, 315kg of max pressure at 250km/h on the rear, with the front cops a maximum of 325kg at top speed. This kind of downforce is DOUBLE that of a regular car. 

Speaking of speed, there are some minor differences in performance between the Spider version and the Stradale. Both can do 0-100km/h in 2.3s, though 0-200km/h is done in 6.5s in the Stradale, but 6.7s in the Spider with a top speed of 320km/h. 

Saddling this speed is the electronic Slide Slip Control 1.0 which incorporates torque vectoring and energy recovery. For better brake distribution you have the 296 GTB’s ABS EVO controller, while the 6W-CDS sensor delivers more information than ever, according to Ferrari. 

The “Qualifying” mode is like a Mario Kart  power-up. By switching on this mode you’ll get short bursts of speed at the critical moment when the car is exiting a bend. You’re told how many boosts you have left out of a maximum of 30, so you have to pick and choose when to use them for the best lap possible. 

Ferrari will build 799 units of the XX Stradale and 599 of the Spider though it’s too late to get one as they’ve all been sold before the public knew of their existence. 


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