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New MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold: Pink Full Moon 

A new MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold watch has been released for one day only with a little pink lume on the chronographs seconds hand....

It seems that we really are going to get a new MoonSwatch release every full moon because we just got another Mission to Moonshine release but this time with a pink twist. 

Swatch announced that 19 global locations would have access to the Mission to Moonshine Gold: Pink Full Moon for a one day event. Once again, these are a limited release only sold during the event, so for any of us that wanted one it looks like we’re paying secondary market prices. 

Two months ago we got the Mission to Moonshine whose main difference was the gold covered chronograph seconds hand. The Pink Full Moon is ostensibly the same watch with pink lume at the tip of that seconds hand. It isn’t much, but it is a nice differentiator that could easily be a sought after collector’s item. 

As these Mission to Moonshine watches were made under a full moon (no really, that’s the marketing, it even comes with a “Full Moon Production” certificate), these were made under the full pink moon. 

We have to pay attention to this because these releases are still generating incredible amounts of hype. Despite people being disappointed that the first Mission to Moonshine Gold wasn’t an entirely gold watch, it still saw lines around the world. All this release has done is add pink to that already disappointing release and once again, we’re seeing huge lines. 

No watch release has these levels of hype attached to it and you have to ask why? It’s (relatively) cheap and exclusive. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks almost exactly like an Omega Speedmaster. There are also several colours which appeal to collectors wanting to acquire the whole set. 

Regardless, these are no longer available, so collectors out there will have to start hunting, or wait to see these released again the next pink full moon.


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