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King Charles’ Best Looks Over the Years

King Charles has low-key had some great looks over the years....

King Charles isn’t known for his sartorial looks, but when you take a look, you notice that he actually looked quite fresh at times. It’s strange that his looks were never in keeping with the fashion of the time, which means that often they haven’t aged terribly. 

As the King (then Prince) acknowledged at at the launch party of London men’s fashion week at St James’s Palace in 2012, “I have lurched from being the best-dressed man to being the worst-dressed man. Meanwhile, I have gone on — like a stopped clock — and my time comes around every 25 years.”

So here are some of his best looks over the years. 

Going For a Ride in the Country

Maybe it’s the beard, maybe it’s the tweed, but he certainly kept it traditional for a ride out in the country. 

King Casual

We like to call this look “King Casual.” It’s always a little strange to see a member of the royal family in a t-shirt, even if that t-shirt has an emblazoned royal insignia. 

Double-Breast is Best

Few people look bad in a suit, and it’s no different for a King. 

BIG Coat

Undoubtedly a very comfy coat perfect for keeping the British cold out. The cut is also strangely modern, or have we gone back in time? 

Beach Safari?

If it keeps you cool while out on safari, why not on the beach?

It's Not a Dress, It's a Kilt

While Charles almost certainly meant this as a traditional look, if he had changed the pattern or gone with black he could’ve been playing with gender norms like a few celebrities we see on the red carpet today. 

Gentleman's Garb for a Gentleman's Game

It’s a simple golfing outfit, but the block t-shirt and pants combo look quite good together. Perfect for a sunny day on the green. 

Frock and Top Hat

There are few people outside of royalty that can successfully pull off a top hat and frock coat. 

The Hunt is On

He certainly wouldn’t be worried about the elements in this Barbour wax coat. Though combined with that stick, he kind of looks like a wizard (might have to change the hat though). 

Posh in Purple

Which one of them do you think picked out this colour combo? 

A Good Trench Coat

Every man should have a good trench coat or equivalent in their wardrobe because if it’s good enough for a king…

King of the Slopes

Rock up in this  and no one will question who really owns the slopes. 


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