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Cardi B Helped Offset Quit Codeine: “I Was Drinking My Whole Career”

The "powerhouse" couple stated in a recent interview that Cardi B was the reason Offset quite codeine....

Despite what has been an admittedly dramatic marriage, hip-hop artists and couple, Cardi B and Offset, seem to be stronger than ever. Offset revealed in a Variety interview that he and his wife are “both on the same mission to make each other better” and that has meant some considerable changes in his life, particularly, kicking his drug habit. 

Offset stated that his “bestie” helped him quit codeine. 

“I put down lean,” he said. “I was drinking my whole career. It opened my mind up, but I never thought it helped me create. I feel like getting past that, cleaning up and putting that message out.” 

Cardi B revealed that it was Offset’s willingness to change and improve himself that saved their marriage which has been rocked by two divorce filings (by Cardi).

“The main thing that I wanted him to stop and everything, he stopped, and he changed,” she said during an appearance on “The Jason Lee Show.” “It showed me that he wanted to change for me.”

“We are a great team,” added Offset. “We’re a powerhouse at this point – icon status. We believe in God. We believe in family. We’re always going to keep winning.” 

Cardi agrees and believes that her husband’s constant support is what helps her get through any issue “personally or professionally.”

“I know he will take care of me and our family. It’s handled,” said Cardi. “I know that I have a man who has my back for real.”

The pair married in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Kulture, in 2018. In 2019, the couple broke up and Cardi filed for divorce in September 2020, though they reconciled later that year and had a second child, Wave, in 2021. Offset has three other children (Jordan, 13; Kalea, 8; and Kody, 8) which Cardi treats as her own.


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