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The Ugliest Watches of All Time, Maybe Ever

These watches are so ugly, not even a mother would love them....

Watches are made to be adored, sure they have functionality but nowadays that functionality is already in our pockets at all times. So watches have to look good and stand out to give people a reason to buy them. However, with every success there comes failure and in this case, failure means a watch that not even a mother could love. Here are 10 watches that might just be the ugliest of all time. 

Tiret Kanye West & Usher

These watches just go to show that precious materials don’t automatically make a watch good or even pleasant to look at. Everything about these watches is over the top from the dual chronograph movements and dual date windows to the white, yellow, black, and brown diamonds placed in the shape of your favourite late 2000s RnB/Hip-Hop star of your choice. Not to mention the price tag attached to these with the Usher version going for $250k and West’s going to $180k.

Oulm Square Military Wristwatch

There’s a certain ugly charm to this watch that the Kanye West watch doesn’t have but that’s the thing, despite the charm it’s still ugly. It almost looks like a GoPro if a GoPro had four lenses. 

Krieger Skeleton

There’s a few things wrong with this watch. One, the crown looks like… well let’s just say we’re not sure how this passed the concept stage. Two, the skull is a little wonky. Three, there’s so much edge that it’s a wonder that it hasn’t fallen off yet. 

The Juice is Loose

Honestly, this is just funny but that’s about all it has going for it. Was it trying to be a genuine release? Probably not so we won’t be too harsh on it. 

Steven Tyler's Rolex Daytona

Look how they massacred my boy… It’s easy to see how this is Steven Tyler’s watch so points there, but why has it been done in such bad taste? Is this a comment on Tyler? Maybe. 

Corum Rolls-Royce

The concept here is fun but it also just makes you question why it even exists. This is fine off the wrist, but on it, it wields an ugliness far too terrible to imagine. 

Gucci Clutch

At first glance, this doesn’t even look like a watch and initially, the idea of a watch designed to look like a clutch bag isn’t the worst idea, but the execution leaves plenty to be desired. 

Gucci Bathroom Scale

Gucci you’re here twice for this monstrosity. This wasn’t supposed to look like a bathroom scale surely, but what was it supposed to look like? No amount of Gucci logos can save this one. 

Uranus LED Watch

The future is here and it’s terrible. Why does it look like they stuck random metal parts to a very misshapen case? What’s with the random symbols on the indices? Who thought this was a good idea? There are simply more questions here than answers and we need answers damn it! 

Invicta Diver (Literally)

Where to even begin? It’s 52mm with a 20mm thickness with a non-functioning spur at 2 o’clock and that crown… the crown alone really. Invicta came up with a cute idea and didn’t really think very hard about how to execute it. It could’ve been a fun watch evocative of a trench watch, but no, it’s… whatever this is. 


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