Renee Gracie to Race OnlyFans Audi at GT World Challenge Australia

Renee Gracie plans her return to racing with OnlyFans as her major sponsor. ...

After a long hiatus, two-time Bathurst 1000 starter Renee Gracie will return to top-level racing with a planned debut at the Australian GT in Perth. Not only that, but her return will be in an Audi R8 LMS with backing from none other than OnlyFans. 

Despite being the first Australian woman to compete full-time in the sport, she left due to the lack of money she could earn, instead she joined up on OnlyFans as an adult actress. In her first six days she made $24,000 USD and in 2021 she was able to purchase a 1.5 acre mansion on the Gold Coast for $1.3 million AUD. 

Her return to motorsport is the subject of a documentary made by Australian streaming service, Stan, signifying that none of this has happened by accident or overnight and that it was her who approached OnlyFans to sponsor her. 

“There’s a lot going through my mind,” said Gracie, “it’s been quite a big effort to get here to say the least. There have been a lot of moving parts in the background to make this happen.

“Obviously, I’ve got all the Stan documentary stuff on the side, and I pitched to OnlyFans a few months ago about being potentially involved in my return to racing and they were hugely interested. 

“It was back and forth in discussions with them to come onboard as a major sponsor, but to have an OnlyFans car running around is really exciting. 

“When people think of OnlyFans they think of me, so why not have it on the car?” 


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