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$500 Million Mega Yacht Takes Inspiration From a Swan

The $500 million mega yacht concept from Pierpalo Lazzarini takes almost every design cue from a swan....

Yacht builder, Pierpalo Lazzarini, believes that a swan is “one of the most elegant animals” and sought to replicate that elegance on his new concept, the Avenguardia Swan Yacht. To achieve this, the design flows from front to back in a wavy streamlined fashion akin to a swan’s feathers with the star of the show being the swan neck-like control tower.

All images credited to Lazzarini

“The idea is to take inspiration from nature,” said Lazzarini, “We believe that nature already gives us the necessary design shapes to conceive new designs, so we based it on a swan—which is actually also our logo—because we believe it’s one of the most elegant animals in the way it moves, in the way it eats, and everything.”

Measuring at 137 metres, the yacht’s highlight is the swan neck control tower which can detach into the water, transforming into a 16 metre auxiliary boat. That neck didn’t appear easily, according to Lazzarini, going through six iterations before landing on the current one. 

“Before,” said Lazzarini, “we had a real crane for the neck, which was working properly but it was not so nice in terms of design. The difficulty was to make it look cool and not like a crane.” 

While the control tower is still attached to the yacht it can be raised or lowered to give you either greater visibility or for enhanced steering ability. Powering the craft, Lazzarini hopes that it can use two fully electric side engines capable of 18 knots in order to evoke the silent movements of a swan over water. Additionally, two jet capsules would act as auxiliary propulsion.

Big doesn’t quite get across the size of this yacht. With five decks there is space for 60 passengers including 24 guests, 12 staff, and 10 crew, plus two helicopters.

This is just a concept, but Lazzarini believes that it will become a reality if he could secure $500,000,000 in investment funds to begin construction. It isn’t chump change, but why would a swan-like yacht cost anything less?


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