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Who Could Buy AlphaTauri if it was Sold?

While AlphaTauri is not for sale, the rumours got us wondering, who would buy them if they were?...

Now AlphaTauri have confirmed that they are not being sold and that the team is here to stay despite the rumours. But it got us wondering, who would buy AlphaTauri? With interest in Formula 1 being at an all-time high, there are more than a few contenders out there, so let’s speculate what a potential buyer might look like. 

Andretti Global

The Andretti organisation has made it very clear that they want to be in Formula 1. Given that their bid to enter as a new team has faced significant hurdles, buying an existing team would resolve almost all of their problems. In fact, Andretti already tried this with Alfa Romeo but that bid failed as the plan involved moving the team from Switzerland to the U.S. Now Andretti would still likely do something similar as they have built huge facilities in the U.S and the organisation would not want to see their investment wasted. Alas, it seems that Andretti will still have to look elsewhere to enter F1. 


Honda have been jumping in and out of F1 for decades at this point and now that they no longer have a partnership with Red Bull, Honda will need a new partner to help follow through with their plans for 2026. 

While they are already engine suppliers for AlphaTauri, where back in the Toro Rosso days, the project essentially used as a proof of concept for the Red Bull partnership. While everything coming full circle that sounds nice, Honda has been pretty firm about not establishing their own works team, so buying the team is fairly unlikely. 


porsche f1

Porsche wants to be in F1, that much is clear after their attempted partnership with Red Bull. Porsche wanted a 50% stake in Red Bull before the deal fell through, but would they take a smaller outfit than Red Bull? Porsche wants to be in the sport for 2026, but they don’t have the facilities to produce their own powertrains so the purchase of a small team like AlphaTauri might not be optimal. This one is, unfortunately, a pipe dream. 

Mumbai Falcons

The Mumbai Falcons have become one of the most successful motorsport outfits in Asia with substantial resources and growing relevance. They are only here as Auto Motor und Sport mentioned them as an interested party. 

Is there anything else that suggests they might’ve been interested? The big one would be their close ties with the FIA. The FIA announced that the team would build a “world-class racing and karting facility in India.” They were also the official partner of multiple FIA Karting World Championships, and a promoter behind the Formula Regional Indian and Indian Formula 4. So in terms of business, the Mumbai Falcons are tight with the FIA which certainly can’t hurt their chances of entering the sport. 


Hitech are a successful junior single-seater team with ties to former Haas title sponsor, Uralkali, owned by Dmitry Mazepin. A few outlets mentioned Hitech as a potential buyer but the problem is Mazepin’s involvement. Due to the sensitive nature of Russian involvement in the sport, the FIA may not have allowed this to happen. 


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