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The W Hotel Sydney Finally Gives us a First Look and Opening Date

After missing its 2020 release date, the W Hotel Sydney is finally opening in 2023....

If you’ve been walking alongside Darling Harbour recently, you would have noticed a wavy glass building with a big “W” on the side under construction for five years now. Originally intended to open in 2020, the harbour hotel suffered several delays and setbacks but is now ready to open its doors in Sydney this October. Given the upcoming opening, they’ve showcased a few renders highlighting the luxury hotel’s interior.

This multi-million dollar development designed by HASSEL architects is promising not only a hotel but a luxurious hideaway right in the middle of the city. This means futuristic spaces, eateries managed by expert chefs, cocktails created by the best of the best bartenders, and collaborations with artists, musicians etc.

W hotel sydney exterior
All images credited to W Hotel

It’s intended as an architectural statement piece, but it isn’t only the architecture that is intended this way, but the interior as well. The interior is being handled by Bowler James Brindley who has stated they had the creative freedom to “create an entirely new cultural space for Sydney.” Their inspiration was the “idea of ‘the larrikin’ the non-conformist spirit of the city.”

“We love to design spaces that embrace the individuality and even eccentricity of their locations,” they continued, “and to create interiors that engage their buildings and neighbourhoods in conversations, rather than treating spaces as blank canvases.”

living room bar w hotel sydney
Living Room Bar

Each level has its own identity like Level Three reflecting an urban landscape with concrete columns paired with Sydney-based artist, Sophi Odling’s, street art pieces. The restaurant can be found on this level and uses ribbon lighting across the ceiling evoking the energy of a freeway, which you can see from the window, a purposeful design choice designed to act similarly to a billboard.

The Spa/Shower Level

Level Two is the AWAY Spa which is more like an urban oasis rather than the freeway. Calming hues, playful shapes, relaxation pods, and warm lighting all contribute to a calming atmosphere perfect for a spa, though it does give off Kubrick levels of cold futurism.

Level One’s theme is “Future Noir” with shadows and rich textures inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

The Living Room

While there are 585 rooms and suites, part of the experience are the exuberant shared spaces throughout the building including a two-storey rooftop bar, a heated rooftop infinity pool, the aforementioned all-day restaurant, and a spa and gym.

The W Hotel Sydney is set to open in October 2023, so if you’re at least curious, book a stay and find out if the five years of construction was worth it. 

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