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The Cool as Ice Winners at the I.C.E St. Moritz 2023

I.C.E St. Mortiz features some of the coolest and most iconic cars on the planet, but which of them topped the rest?...

The I.C.E St. Moritz showcases some of the history’s most iconic cars in one of the most unlikely of backdrops, a frozen lake. It’s a car show on ice essentially and much like Disney, there’s a special character to it as a result. So who were the winners in this year’s showcase? 

Lancia Stratos Zero – Best in Show/Concept Cars and One-Offs

lancia stratos zero st. moritz

First up we have the Lancia Stratos Zero which took home Best in Show and Best Concept Car and One-Off. This one-off car was introduced at the 1970 Turin Auto Show and was created by Italian designers, Nuccio Bertone and Marcello Gandini. It was a marketing creation used by Lancia to promote the Lancia Stratos.  

The Zero was designed to evoke sci-fi and a vision of the future as it was in 1970. The bodywork is made from fibreglass and has a lot of little “futuristic” touches like a retractable steering wheel to make it easier to get into the cockpit, a flip-open front-windshield door. Perhaps Lancia’s vision of the future wasn’t too far from the mark as all the instrumentation was on a digital control screen, which was visionary at the time, but commonplace today. 

Maserati 420M/58 “Eldorado Special” – Best Open Wheels

The Maserati 420M/58 Eldorado was a one-off race car designed specifically for the second edition of the 500 Miles of Monza in 1958. It was commissioned as a suitable car to compete against American entries and was built using parts from already existing projects like the Maserati 250F. 

While that’s interesting and all, the car actually made history by being the first single-seater in Europe to be sponsored by a brand that had nothing to do with cars or racing. The brand in question was the Eldorado Sud ice cream company. It marked the first time a car wasn’t adorned in the national colour assigned by the International Federation, but the colours of the sponsor. They did put a red “Italia” script on the car so that people knew the nationality of the car and sponsor. 

Ferrari 500 Mondial Series II – Barchettas on the Lake

The Ferrari 500 Mondial is an iconic car and Ferrari’s first four-cylinder sports car, and the Series II builds on that solid base. It has a stronger oval tube frame, improved front suspension, a new five-speed nonsynchromesh transaxle, a bigger fuel tank, and a revised engine based on 1954’s successful 553 F1 car. 

Only 30 examples of the Series II were created before the three-litre 750 Monza took its place. Painted in French Racing Blue, it was the only car Ferrari raced that wasn’t red. 

Ferrari 250 Testarossa Lucybelle – Le Mans 100

The Ferrari 250 Testarossa is one of the world’s most sought after Ferraris. It was designed specifically with Ferrari customers in mind as it was an evolution of the 500 TRC models that most were racing at the time. The 500 had fantastic handling and the 250 used a similar chassis platform to keep that aspect but with an added and far more powerful V12 engine with six twin-choke carburettors. It worked out well as in 1958, it won the Manufacturer’s World Championship.

It was inscribed with the name Lucybelle II as the owner and co-pilot, Ed Hugus, borrowed the name from the yacht of Provenea Lucy Lucille Davis. 

Bentley S1 Continental Drophead Coupe – Queens on Wheels

When the S1 Continental Drophead was produced it was a departure from the traditional saloon cars at the time. In 1958, Bentley built a fully custom body, built completely from the ground up using aluminium on the Continental chassis. This is considered by many to be the peak of modern Bentley styling. 

The distinguishing features of the design were smooth and subtle curves, long “flow through” fenders from front to rear, with a kick-up that formed “hips” over the rear wheels, while topping it all off with the very subtle tailfins. 


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