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Seiko Release ‘Masked Rider’ Collaboration for 5 Sports 55th Anniversary

Another 55th anniversary celebration release from Seiko, this time in collaboration with the long-running Japanese show, Masked Rider....

Seiko have already released a few Seiko 5 Sports this year to celebrate 55 years of the model, and they’ve given us another one this time in collaboration with Masked Rider, a Japanese television series that’s been going on since 1971.  

For those confused as to what in the world Masked Rider is, don’t worry, it never really took off outside of Japan. Essentially, the Kamen Rider Series (or Masked Rider Series) is a superhero franchise featuring an insect-like motorcycle riding superhero fighting against the organisation who built him, Shocker and their monsters. It’s actually somewhat of a spin-off of the Super Sentai series (Power Rangers).  

Archive model Takeshi wore in the original series

The first Masked Rider was Takeshi Hongo and in that series he wore a Seiko 5 Sports. As part of this collaboration, they updated the materials and technology of the watch while adding design cues from Masked Rider 1. The green dial is inspired by the pattern and colour of Masked Rider 1’s helmet, which actually gives this watch a lot of character, while the red calfskin strap evokes the red scarf he wears. 

In terms of specs, this is certainly a modern Seiko 5 Sports with the same 4R36 Calibre movement and a 41-hour power reserve. There’s nothing here that you will surprise you, it’s a Seiko 5 Sports. 

The glass caseback features the Tachibana Racing logo, used in the design of the motorcycle and belt in the series. Thanks to this being a release limited to 4,000 pieces, each piece has a unique serial number alongside the logo. 

seiko masked rider 5 sports caseback

It’s likely that these will be quite popular in Japan, though it’s hard to see demand skyrocketing elsewhere, but then again, there are probably superfans around the world. 

Regardless, if you are interested these are only $650 AUD each so even if you aren’t a huge Masked Rider fan and you just like the design, it isn’t going to break the bank. 


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