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Porsche Confirm That They Will Not be Entering Formula 1

It's official, Porsche will not be entering F1 in 2026. ...

After Porsche got very close to a deal with Red Bull Racing last year, the marque has confirmed that they will not be pursuing options in grand prix racing.

Talks with Red Bull fell through when the team felt that they would lose their independence given the amount of control Porsche was asking for. Porsche originally thought to continue exploring options in Formula 1 due to the sustainable fuels rule being introduced in 2026.

That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore since the retirement of vice president of motorsport, Fritz Enzinger, the man responsible for these talks in the first place.

Despite speculation that the team might join Williams or Andretti, which would have made sense given Michael Andretti’s commitment to getting a team into F1, Porsche themselves have confirmed that their F1 project has been put on ice for the time being.

“Motorsport will always be at the core of our brand identity,” read a statement from Porsche. “Formula 1 remains an interesting racing series for us.”

According to (via, employees who were tasked by Enzinger to prepare for a Formula 1 entry have been reassigned to other tasks within Volkswagen Group. So yes, it’s all over, if there are going to be new teams on the grid in 2026, it won’t be Porsche.

Porsche was keen on a return to the grid for the first time since 1991. That season went quite poorly for the team as they failed to score a single point and failed to qualify for over half the races that year.

The marque has jumped in and out of F1 since the 1930s with varying degrees of success, but it was in the 80s that Porsche really hit their stride as an engine supplier. Their engines powered teams that took home two constructor championships in 1984 and 1985, plus three drivers’ championships in 1984, 1985, and 1986.


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