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Keep the Hype Train Rolling Because There’s a New MoonSwatch Coming

A new Moonswatch in gold? Stop, the hypebeasts can't take anymore!...

It could be argued that the watch world has never experienced the kind of hype that was associated with the release of the MoonSwatch. People are still lining up outside of Swatch boutiques and when at any point in history has there been a line outside of a Swatch boutique? No shade but given their branding and target market this isn’t a normal occurrence. However, why stop a good thing? Because Swatch have announced a new gold MoonSwatch that might just set the watch world on fire. 

Details are scant right now, but on the 7th of March, the new Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch will see a limited worldwide release at select locations. These include Zurich, Tokyo, Milan, and London. For the rest of us, we will just have to watch on in awe. 

moonshine moonswatch

Optimists are hoping this release will include the Moonshine 18k yellow gold alloy created by Omega in 2019 for the Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th anniversary, but the only evidence we have for that is the name of the watch, which is actually fairly promising (curse us for optimists). 

Moonshine 18k gold is “inspired by the shining moonlight in a dark blue sky” and “offers a distinctively paler hue than traditional 18k yellow gold and high resistance to the fading colour and lustre over time. Its unique composition includes silver, copper, and palladium for colour and stability,” according to Omega. 

While including this material would be amazing, Swatch struggled to keep up for simple BioCeramic materials, but again that might have just been to reduce supply and drum up demand. 

If it is 18k gold, that will certainly mean the price will go up substantially, but it would solve one of the key complaints of the MoonSwatch and that is the BioCeramic case. Some have showcased the colour rubbing off onto their wrists and argue that it feels cheaper than regular plastic. The latter of those arguments is subjective, but even so, a gold watch would certainly not feel cheap. 

Either way, us Australians will have to watch from the sidelines this time around and hope that the watch reaches Aussie shores someday. 

For more, check out how the MoonSwatch changed the game.


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