Gucci Finally Going Hard on the Jewellery Front with Hortus Delicarum Collection

Gucci have released their third iteration of their jewellery collection, Hortus Delicarum....

You would think that Gucci has a huge range of jewellery but no, they only released their first collection of high jewellery in 2019. But given the opulence of Gucci designs and their Italian heritage, you would think that there would be more. Thankfully, Gucci have sought to rectify this issue with a third instalment in the collection. 

Hortus Delicarum, the Latin name Gucci use to refer to their high jewellery collection, meaning “Garden of Delights,” is incredibly apt. In true Gucci fashion, everything has been turned up to 11. All the designs have taken inspiration from wild animals and nature giving it a bedazzled Garden of Eden-type vibe. For example, the Lion Head necklace looks as if the beast itself holds the forbidden fruit in its jaws, the forbidden fruit in this case being a large purple stone. 

All images courtesy of Gucci

There’s a prismatic quality to the collection designed to catch the light. This is most apparent in the multi-finger ring crafted in white gold with diamonds building up to the 14.7 ct. tanzanite stone on top. This ring was inspired by the sky and that is clear as a summer sky. 

Several of these pieces took hundreds of hours to craft. Like the parure which includes a white gold necklace with diamond-embellished starbursts and diamond bows, plus a matching set of drop earrings took 300 hours of production. 

This kind of meticulousness and attention to detail is what we have come to expect from Gucci and they have certainly delivered. Check out the collection below. 


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