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Sinn’s New Titanium Diver, the T50

The T50 is here and it's got all the capability you'd expect from Sinn while still raising the bar....

Cult masters of the tool watch, Sinn, have shown that while they are trying to move upward in the market, they are not abandoning what makes them special. Nowhere is that clearer than with the new T50. It takes the best parts of the brand and adds something more through the use of titanium and Sinn’s own “Goldbronze” alloy. 

The 41mm titanium case is bead-blasted providing a nice texture to it and as an added bit of quality, the T50 uses Grade 5 titanium and Sinn’s Tegiment surface hardening on the bezel to prevent scratches as much as possible. 

Sinn t50

Capability is the name of the game for Sinn, so there are added features actually useful for divers. A safety feature has been introduced in which you have to apply downward pressure on the bezel to rotate it in order to prevent accidental movement, which could be dangerous for divers. Divers will also be glad to note that the T50 is DNV certified for diving and is water resistant and pressure tested up to 500m. Dehumidifying technology is also present to prevent fogging due to any condensation within the case. 

Stylistically, this is typical Sinn in the best way. If you enjoyed their diver pieces there’s no reason to dislike the T50, especially the titanium version. But we don’t have just a titanium version, we have two pieces in Goldbronze a bronze alloy produced by Sinn. 

Goldbronze, when compared to conventional bronze alloys, has a superior degree of quality which has resulted in improved skin compatibility and greater corrosion resistance to seawater. 

There are two Goldbronze pieces – one with a Goldbronze bezel only, and the other’s case is Goldbronze. 

Each of these pieces has two strap options – a metal bracelet, a rubber strap in either black or white, or a material strap. 

sinn t50

This is Sinn’s attempt to hit the mainstream and what a watch to do so with, but there’s a catch. The T50 is almost double the price of their other diver pieces especially the comparable U50. The titanium T50 is set at $5,550 AUD ($3,840 USD) while the U50 was around $3,450 AUD (~$2,100 USD). Keep in mind that they have the same movement, the Calibre SW300-1, the same dimensions, and the same level of water resistance. Granted, titanium can be a costly material, but the U50 was made with German Submarine steel which likely costs more than regular stainless-steel. This price is more in line with a Tudor Black Bay 58 rather than Sinn’s offerings, although the T50 is far more capable than the Black Bay so it’s not like you’re being completely ripped off.

This price increase does indicate that Sinn are looking to move up in the market which means if the T50 is successful, we may say an uptick in their prices across the board. 

The titanium-only version is the cheapest with the T50 GBDR (Goldbronze bezel) prices at $6,250 AUD ($4,670 USD), and the all-Goldbronze variant is limited to 300 pieces with an RRP of $8,050 AUD ($5,760 USD). 

At a Glance

Diameter: 41mm

Thickness: 12.3mm

Lug to Lug: 47mm

Case Material: Titanium/Goldbronze

Weight (case only): 53g (titanium), 73g (Goldbronze)

Lume: Yes

Water Resistance: 500m

Strap: Titanium bracelet/rubber strap

Movement: Automatic SW300-1

Price: $5,550 AUD ($3,840 USD) / $6,250 AUD ($4,670 USD) / $8,050 AUD ($5,760 USD)


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