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Ranking All the 2023 F1 Liveries

Who has the best liveries on the 2023 grid? Who has the worst? Why does it feel like only a few teams actively shook things up?...

As everyone knows, the cooler your car looks, the faster it goes. That’s how it goes right? Unfortunately, this year most of the teams have been somewhat lacklustre when it comes to livery design with a few reusing their 2022 design albeit with some minor changes. If I rated every car harshly for reusing or tweaking last year’s livery, this list would be nothing but a top three.

Also this is just my personal opinion, not a definitive ranking. Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite liveries are. 

10. McLaren

mclaren 2023 livery

McLaren, what is going on here? While we understand that you lost the Gulf partnership to Williams, you can try a little harder than this. Less black more of that light grey-blue colour, like the IndyCar livery. They had it right, just in another series. This is way too busy. 

McLaren’s IndyCar livery

9. Alpine

alpine 2023 livery

It’s the same as last year’s and I didn’t like that one either. I enjoy the pink, it’s a standout colour on the grid, which is why I wish their limited-edition pink livery was their livery for the entire year. 

8. Red Bull

red bull 2023 livery

It’s the same livery. It always is. I shouldn’t be surprised, they have set a precedent, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I’m sure this was a cool livery when it first came out, but it’s like a school uniform now. Neutral and inoffensive. 

7. AlphaTauri

alphatauri 2023 livery

I’ve never felt particularly strongly about AlphaTauri’s livery throughout the years. It’s very similar to last year’s but there are a few more differences than the Red Bull, plus I enjoy the red additions which I think are pretty sharp. 

6. Aston Martin

aston martin 2023 livery

This is very similar to last year’s but considering they’ve only been running this livery for a short time I’m willing to be more lenient here than with Red Bull. Also I’m a huge sucker for the British Racing Green. If this were last year this would be top 4 easy.

5. Williams

williams 2023 livery

It’s a solid blue car. It’s very Williams. But as we all know, blue doesn’t go as fast as red. That’s just a scientific fact (according to schoolkids). 

4. Alfa Romeo

alfa romeo 2023 livery

This might be a little contentious but while I think this is a great livery and something different to last year’s design, I don’t enjoy the blocking of the black and red as much as what Haas have done with those same colours. That’s the only reason this isn’t higher. 

3. Haas

Haas 2023 livery

Well, what did I just say? This is one of Haas’ best liveries they’ve put out. It’s leagues better than last year’s livery and, quite simply, it looks cool. 

2. Ferrari

ferrari 2023 livery

What can I say? I’m inconsistent and my Ferrari bias is obvious. I apologise. This isn’t that different to last year’s but the Ferrari signage on the rear wing goes a surprisingly long way. It’s not as good as last year’s but how do you improve upon perfection?

1. Mercedes

Mercedes 2023 livery

The all-black Mercedes is just cool. It’s that simple. It also has a function to reduce the weight of the car (by the slimmest of margins) so in this sense the livery design might actually make the car go faster. Plus that teal stripe? *chef’s kiss*


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