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Daniel Lee’s Burberry Debut Stuns at London Fashion Week

Burberry has entered a new era thanks to Daniel Lee, the houses new Creative Director. ...

The fashion world waited with bated breath for Daniel Lee’s debut Burberry show as Creative Director at London Fashion Week, easily being the most anticipated of the week. To the surprise of many, it may have actually exceeded expectations. 

We saw a few weeks ago the debut of Burberry’s new logo inspired by the house’s own extensive archive. While that may have gotten people a little worried that meant we would see the same old Burberry, they were proven dead wrong at the show. This is a new era of Burberry. 

Finally, we have a Burberry that pays attention to its heritage while also moving into the modern era with a streetwise swagger. Nowhere is this clearer than the classic trench coat. 

With a charcoal colourway, adorned with a faux fur collar and lapel, you can see this in play. You’ve got the traditional Burberry military inspired roots with experimental dressings. 

Similarly the iconic nova check had to be recontextualised for another generation. Gone are the beige colourways, in comes bold Yves Klein blues, mustard, and primrose reds. The looks have been completed with moccasins and massive trapper hats. 

These things might seem obvious in hindsight, but for five years Burberry has been uninspired, sticking to the beige colourway, and all Lee had to do was drop it. 

Check out the rest of the collection below. 


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