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Toto Wolff is Selling His Ferrari F40 at Auction

This classic F40 is up for auction in absolutely pristine condition with only 5,500km on it. ...

If vintage Ferrari’s are your thing and you’re super into F1, then you’re in luck as Mercedes F1 CEO, Toto Wolff, is selling his 1990 Ferrari F40. The sale is being handled by UK-based dealer, Tom Hartley Junior, who handled the sale of Sebastian Vettel’s own Ferrari collection. 

“We’re very pleased to launch this very special F40 for sale. It’s one of only 27 Ferrari F40s delivered new to Spain and fresh from a complete overhaul by [restoration] experts Autofficina Bonini,” the seller announced via Instagram. 

All images credited to Tom Hartley Junior

The car is in pristine condition as it was “sparingly” used with just 5,500km (3,440 miles) on the it. Some may joke that it’s so he wasn’t seen in his competitors car while working for Mercedes. 

Everything about this screams collectible because it has most of its original parts as confirmed by the Ferrari “Red Book” Classiche Certification. This includes the original chassis, gearbox, body, engine, and even the books. 

Performance wise you’ll find a twin-turbo V8 engine pumping out 351kW (471bhp) and 577Nm of torque. With the ability to do 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds, it’s regarded as the most powerful (and expensive) Ferrari of its time. 

A price hasn’t been made publicly available, but the Hagerty pricing tool has currently estimated it at $2.4 million USD, but considering its condition and previous owner, it might go for more. 

That price might sound crazy, but when this first released in 1987, many people bought them expecting them to go up in price after Enzo Ferrari’s death. In 1990, it was estimated that only 10% of the delivered F40s were used for driving. It was never considered the best car, most critics thought the Porsche 959 was superior, but there was something about the F40 that resonated. 

PistonHeads put it this way, “There have been prettier, quicker, rarer Ferraris than the one built in its 40th year. But none as special.” 

Or in the words of Richard Hammond, the F40 is “as visceral and edgy an experience as the 959 is refined and sophisticated.” 


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