Pagani Unveil the Second of Five Hyper-Exclusive Huayra ‘Codalunga’

It hasn’t been very long since Pagani unveiled their first Huayra “Codalunga” in June 2022, but here we are with the second version. There are only five examples to be put into production with this being the second and instead of the light blue exterior of the first one, they’ve gone with a more subtle tan exterior. 

“Codalunga” means “long tail” in Italian, and it surely lives up to its name with these versions being 14.17 inches (360mm) longer than the base Huayra Coupe. The idea for this line is to pay homage to race cars from the 1960s like the Porsche 917. 

huayra codalunga
<em><sup>The first Codalunga<sup><em>

Considering these are hyper-exclusive, they have been built by the marque’s special projects division, Pagani Grandi Complicazioni, over a two-year period with close involvement of the customers. The idea for this project began in 2018 when two clients approached the brand to make a bespoke car. 

Each of the five examples costs €7 million with each already having a buyer who has been involved in the design. 

Powering this beast is the same twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 found in the base Huayra, but the output has been boosted to 827bhp (617kW) from the base model’s 730bhp (544kW). 

These are the last Huayra’s to be released before Pagani release its successor, the Utopia, which was revealed in September 2022. The Utopia is set to be another V12 hypercar. 

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