A YSL Take Away Bag? A $2.3K Happy Meal?

Yves Saint Laurent’s new Take Away Bag isn’t an official collaboration with McDonald’s, but you can clearly see the inspiration YSL have taken from the Happy Meal bag. Why? Most likely fashion being weird and kooky for the sake of it, and to be fair, it isn’t a terrible looking bag. 

All images credited to YSL

Given that giant quilted tote bags were the hot thing in 2022, perhaps the boxy doggy bag that can easily fit a McFlurry is the next thing? It wouldn’t be the first time that YSL have managed to influence the handbag game. 

Coming in either black leather or beige veg-tan, the Take Away Bag is chic, even if it looks like you’ve stashed a cheeseburger and some nuggets inside for later. What might dissuade people of that opinion is the YSL Cassandre and initials on the exterior. If McDonald’s started handing these out at drive-thru’s it’s doubtful anyone would care about the included toy. 

YSL aren’t the first brand to play with weird shapes – just look at anything Balenciaga have put out – but despite that, they’ve made an actual chic bag that for the brave and fashion forward among you would certainly get people talking. It’s just whether they are making fun behind your back or not. For those in the know, however, this will certainly grab their attention. 

Priced at $1,890 USD ($2,350 AUD) it’s doubtful even McDonald’s wouldn’t struggle financially if they started handing these out. 

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