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Watch Tom Cruise Send His Season’s Greetings While Skydiving

Tom Cruise says 'Happy Holidays' from 10,000 ft in the air. ...

We all know that Tom Cruise is famous for doing his own stunts including hanging out the side of a plane in mid-air, but it seems not even a simple season’s greetings from Cruise can be half-arsed. No Cruise will tell you Merry Christmas while plummeting to the ground from 10,000 ft. 

Cruise recently shared a video of himself on Twitter from the set of the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoningto wish his fans happy holidays and thank them for their support. 

“Hey everyone,” Cruise began. “Here we are over stunning South Africa, where we’re filming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning parts one and two. And I didn’t want the year to end without thanking you all for coming out to the theatres and thank you for supporting Top Gun: Maverick.”

This was all while the director, Christopher McQuarrie, jokingly interrupted, “Listen, we really gotta roll, we gotta get the shot.”

Cruise continued, “Where was I? Oh yeah. Thank you for supporting Top Gun: Maverick and thank you for allowing us to entertain you. It truly is the honour of a lifetime.

“I’m running out of altitude, so I have to get back to work. We have to get this shot. You have a very safe and happy holiday, we’ll see you at the movies.”

Footage has surfaced of Cruise filming a stunt on top of a WWII-era bi-plane as it flew over South Africa’s Blyde River Canyon. The video was reportedly shown at CinemaCon in April as Cruise wasn’t able to appear in person. 

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 is scheduled to release in July 2023. 


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