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Twitter Office Furniture and Décor Could be Yours Thanks to New Auction

Twitter is selling off statues, office chairs, expensive lounge chairs, desks, and more in a new auction....

Considering that Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, fired half of the company’s staff and that since his takeover has seen greater financial difficulty placed on the company, selling off your unused office equipment might be a quick way to grab a few extra bucks.  

The auction is being held by Heritage Global Partners, an auction house specialising in corporate liquidation. They’ve currently uploaded 351 lots on their website with most of them being office chairs, desks, coffee machines, fridges, and lounges. While that isn’t very interesting, there are some lots that are a little more than just a standing desk. 

The auction opens on January 17 on Heritage Global Partners’ website

Neon Twitter Bird Light Electrical Display

This is one of the coolest, if not the coolest, item going up for auction. The thing is, it’s massive. You aren’t just getting the bird, but also the backing, the stanchions, and even the faux plants. It’s ten feet tall so this isn’t something most can just pop into their house casually, but odds are this may go for a sizable amount despite it only starting at $50 USD. 

“@” Sculpture Planter

Perhaps if you were after some art that’s only as big as a person rather than a garage, perhaps this six-foot sculpture will interest you. The plants inside are currently fake, but you can absolutely put real ones in if you’ve got a green thumb. 

Twitter Bird Statue

This you can store in your entertaining area as it only comes in at 3.5ft tall. It’s the simple blue bird logo and a great piece of memorabilia… if you’re really into Twitter (for some reason). Perhaps an artist will buy this and paint slurs over it or something? 

Rock the Bike Fender Pro Recharge Station

Tell me you work at a tech company without telling me you work at a tech company – “I have a stationary bike with a table strapped on it that can also charge my phone and laptop while I peddle.” While this is probably a great way to get some exercise in even if you are busy at work, you can’t help but think it’s a little silly. However, if you’re a multitasker and you work from home, then these might be a good purchase. 

La Marzocco LINEA 1EE Semi-Auto Espresso Machine

A coffee machine isn’t as interesting as the rest of the stuff on this list, but considering that it retails for $11,060 USD, you might be able to grab this for an absolute steal. It seems Twitter’s leftover employees will probably have to stick to instant coffee for the foreseeable future. 

A Variety of Very Expensive Chairs

Why Twitter needed $8,000 chairs is beyond us, but they are going up for sale. You’ve got a Knoll Womb Chair (MSRP: $5,165 – $8,162 USD) in blue, which again you could get for a steal. There’s also a Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chair (MSRP: $2,645 – $3,945 USD) or if those aren’t your style, there’s an Eames LCW Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (MSRP: $1,195 – $2,545 USD). 


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