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The “Liver King” Might be Just Another Snake Oil Salesman

The viral fitness star, the Liver King, has been accused of using steroids....

Joe Rogan called the Liver King “a gimmick” with “an ass filled with steroids” and as it turns out, he might be right. Popular YouTube channel, MorePlatesMoreDates, has recently obtained emails allegedly sent by the Liver King which detail his steroid cycle. 

Who is the Liver King?

Liver King’s real name is Brian Johnson (not of AC/DC fame). He’s the viral 45-year-old star who shares videos of his “prehistoric” lifestyle which promotes a “primal” carnivorous diet alongside what he calls “ancestral supplements” which he helpfully sells on his website. These supplements include ingredients like grass-fed beef brain, thyroid, colostrum, and desiccated beef liver. His supplement business brings in $100 million a year. He is also known to eat raw yak meat and swing kettlebells around. 

His program consists of nine “tenets” including:

  1. Sleeping enough
  2. Eating “nutrient-dense bits” like liver and bone marrow as the liver especially is favoured by “lions, great whites, and other wild alpha organisms.”
  3. Maintaining a “healthy level of movement” which includes half hour walks in the morning, early afternoon, and after dinner
  4. “Shielding” from things like “seed oils, excessive wifi [sic], EMFs, and man-made prisons”
  5. “Connecting” with the earth as it “has a slightly negative charge which provides a ground force for our electrophysiology.” He claims that “with the advent of rubber shoes, cars, houses, and elevated beds, we no longer come into contact with this ground force.” 
  6. “Get Cold” as regularly getting cold is good for… something. He just says we’re “built for the cold” and that you’ll feel better generally speaking. 
  7. Getting enough sun for vitamin D to help your immunity and metabolism
  8. Fight as a way to “really thrive.” Liver King claims “we have to thrive, we have to possess a type of high courage to continue to fight for something meaningful, to foster an inner fire, to take real risks and to continue to create ways to win.”
  9. Bonding is last tenet as “our ancestors [sic] purpose was guarding the perimeter from danger to protect one’s tribe, hunting and foraging to feed one’s tribe, building, tool making and weapon making to shelter and shield one’s tribe…” 

While some of these tenets aren’t bad advice generally speaking like getting enough sleep, going out in the sun, and bonding with your loved ones, there are a few that just make you wonder why? There’s no reasoning given for “Get Cold” other than you might feel better, which is reason enough for some, but there doesn’t seem to be health benefits for simply being cold (this is not the same as taking a cold shower which can help reduce inflammation etc.). 

He does have a disclaimer on his website stating, “I’m not a hospital, I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice. I do, however, have a degree in biochemistry.” 

There’s an excellent (and hilarious) profile of the Liver King in GQ with some golden quotes from the man himself. Including:

  • “Why eat vegetables when you can eat testicles?”
  • “Vegetables don’t have the raw material required to produce a healthy set of testicles. Testicles do have everything required to produce and support and strengthen them”
  • I “ripped open a cage and ate Brian Johnson” 

However, as it turns out, following these tenets may not make you look as jacked as the Liver King. 

The Leaked Steroid Cycle

When Joe Rogan called out the Liver King for using steroids, he told GQ that “I don’t touch that stuff” before adding that he was just happy for the exposure. He might think a little differently now. 

YouTuber, Derek (he’s never revealed his last name), from MorePlatesMoreDates is a trusted anti-PED pundit who often speculates whether big, muscly men are “natty or not”. And with an audience of 1.51 million subscribers, people are listening. 

In his hour-long exposé, Derek showcases a number of emails that Liver King allegedly sent to an unnamed bodybuilding coach in mid-2021, just before the Liver King brand was launched. In those emails, the Liver King seems to relate plans to gain a million followers on social media in a few months by pushing his body to the limit thanks to the use of the human growth hormone, regimen, among others. This apparently cost the Liver King $11,500 USD a month.

Other growth hormones and steroids mentioned include IGF-1LR, Deca-Durabolin, Omnitrope, and Winstrol. Some of these the Liver King has allegedly been taking for over a year at the time of the emails, with some being taken for less than a month. 

Derek himself found an unread email in his inbox from the Liver King where he asks for a consultation and expresses interest in acquiring HGH. 

The problem here is that it is unclear how Derek got these emails and he hasn’t responded to any outlet for further comment, leading some to question the validity of the emails. 

Liver King responded to Rolling Stone but the article notes that he never actually answered questions surrounding the allegations, the authenticity of the emails, or whether he would keep assuring his followers that he was all-natural. 

This saga seems unlikely to have ended here, so keep checking back for updates. 


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