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Supreme Drop Their Winter 2022 Tees

Supreme have dropped their winter tees for 2022 with homages to Milford Graves and Dylan Rieder. ...

Supreme are returning with their new set of winter t-shirts for the 2022 season. The release features seven t-shirts comprising of artwork, photo, and text prints as is standard for Supreme. In addition to the standard colour staples (black, grey, and white) offerings will expand to purple, green, brown, and pink. 

The highlight of the collection is the tee honouring the late great jazz percussionist Milford Graves. On the front and back the tee showcases the style of the 2018 portrait, Milford Graves Full Mantis, that explores the creative process and curiosity of the late drummer. 

In similar homage, we get another tee honouring the late professional skater, Dylan Rieder, which takes scenes from Supreme’s own 2014 Cherry skate video. A portion of the proceeds from this tee will go towards the Dylan Rieder Foundation, that contributes towards the fight against cancer. 

In a less morbid highlight, Supreme have continued Pillsbury Dough Boy collaboration with the “Dough Boy Supreme” Tee. 

Rounding out the collection is the Christmas portrait release (another highlight), and the collapsed “SUPREME” tees. 

The collection is what you would expect from Supreme, but in no way is that a bad thing. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They aren’t exciting, they’re safe, but this is supposed to be an amazing game-changing release. These are more t-shirts from Supreme. If Supreme is what you like, then you know what you’re getting, and you won’t be disappointed. But if you were for whatever reason hoping this drop would change your opinion on Supreme, then it’s not going to do that. 

These will drop December 15 from Supreme’s website.

For more, check out the drop from Patta x Tommy Hilfiger.


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