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Liver King’s Coach Leaked Emails Detailing Steroid Use

Liver King's short-lived coach, Vigorous Steve, was the one who leaked the emails detailing his steroid use. ...

When MorePlatesMoreDates’, Derek, first revealed that he had the Liver King’s personal emails, many questioned the authenticity of them. How did he receive them after all? While Derek was given vindication when the Liver King himself apologised for his deception, we still didn’t know how he got his hands on those emails. Now we know that it was the Liver King’s short-lived coach who leaked them and he has explained why. 

The trainer, Vigorous Steve, only trained Liver King for a few weeks and refunded him the money he’d spent on his coaching. This was a result of, as Steve claims, Liver King’s only interest in him pertaining to his advice on steroids. 

As Steve explains, “I gave Derek permission to use the emails in a redacted form to help Brian aka The Liver King finally come clean and end the lies dead in their tracks which to a certain extent he did. 

“He admitted to experimenting and taking the performance enhancing drugs at the time he filled out the questionnaire and then he patched on lie with another lie, saying that he is currently under doctor supervised replacement therapy.”

Steve added that he also tried to offer Liver King dietary advice as it “needed a lot of change”, but he refused. 

The Liver King came clean saying that he was “embarrassed and ashamed” because he “lied” and “misled” people. 

He added, “Yes, I’ve done steroids and yes, I am on steroids monitored and managed by trained hormone clinicians.” 


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