Liver King Admits That He’s Using Steroids

We discussed the accusations against Liver King earlier and while at the time he didn’t address the accusations, Liver King has since admitted he used and still uses growth hormones. Interestingly enough, he claimed that the whole Liver King persona has been “an experiment to spread the message.”

Why are people angry about this? It’s because his model for “ancestral living” claims that you can look like the Liver King without steroids as long as you stick to his “nine tenets,” eat raw liver, and of course, buy his supplements.

The previous accusations saw leaked emails detailing his extensive steroid use that cost about $11,000 USD ($16,000 AUD) per month. 

In his apology video, Liver King said, “I’m making this video to apologise. Because I fucked up. Because I’m embarrassed and ashamed. Because I lied… I misled a lot of people.

“Yes, I’ve done steroids, and yes, I’m on steroids, monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician. Liver King, the public figure, was an experiment to spread the message.

“I fully own that I fucked up. I am as sorry as a man can be.” 

So, as it turns out, the Liver King is simply another snake oil salesman. 

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