H&M Pull Line After Justin Bieber Calls it “Trash”

Justin Bieber called out H&M for using his likeness without his permission forcing the brand to pull the line. ...

H&M released a collection of Justin Bieber items in their stores and online, but as it had turned out, it had been done completely without Bieber’s approval. When the popstar called them out on Instagram, popular pressure forced H&M to recall the entire line less than 24 hours after the brand said they would continue to sell the designs. 

Justin Bieber told his 270 million followers that the collection was done “All without my permission and approval SMH I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.” Bieber went further adding, “H&M merch they made of me is trash and I didn’t approve it. Don’t buy it.” 

Initially, H&M made a statement to WWD that “as with other licensed products and partnerships, H&M followed proper approval and procedures.” They added that the merch would remain on sale but said “we need to look into this more to understand, before we take action.” 

That action has arrived with H&M deciding to withdraw the line, “As mentioned in our previous statement, H&M has followed proper approval procedures. Out of respect for the collaboration and Justin Bieber, we have removed the garments from our stores and online.” 

The collection in question included hoodies, tote bags, T-shirts, and phone cases among others. Some pieces had Bieber’s face on them, some said “World Tour*” others made reference to Bieber’s 2021 song “Ghost” (“I miss you more than life”). 

The pair have worked together previously with 2017’s collaboration for Bieber’s “Stadium Tour”. This also consisted of hoodies, T-shirts, bomber jackets, and tracksuit pants. 

Justin Bieber has yet to comment on the recall. H&M have not made clear if they will take any legal action against the musician. 


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