Ted Baker Launches FW22 Watch Collection

In time for the holiday season, Ted Baker have announced the launch of four new timepieces which embody a new take on their iconic watch styles. This collection is the first to incorporate their magnolia motif, representing perseverance, strength and beauty in nature. 

“The magnolia motif was lifted directly from the Ted Baker archive and stretches back to a constant deep rooted association with floral designs from our inception in 1988. The Ted Baker DNA summed up in one simple icon,” said Anthony Cuthbertson, Ted Baker Global Creative Director. 

Four new watches are included in the collection, for both men and women. All are complete with 100% sustainable and recyclable gift boxes, and are available in a variety of case sizes, watchstraps, and dial designs. The women’s range includes the Fitzrovia Bumble Bee and Lilabel watches, with delicate details to highlight their sophisticated and elegant look and feel. The men’s range is made up of the Caine and Phylipa Gents which contribute contemporary and classic style to the men’s collection. 

The Lilabel features Ted Baker’s magnolia motif stretched across its transparent 36mm dial, as well as the motif engraved on the back case and the inside of the watchstrap. The Fitzrovia Bumble Bee features a bumble bee detail on its 34mm dial, complementing its natural theme. Both are available in a variety of colours. 

The Caine boasts a chronograph movement housed in a large 44mm case. It is water resistant up to 50 metres, and features a silicone watchstrap embossed with the Ted Baker logo. The Phylipa Gents features a slim, 41mm case, multifunctional movement and a brown leather watchstrap, making it the perfect counterpart to the Caine. 

“We are proud of the design evolution of Ted Baker watches, which has enhanced the iconic traits of the brand and its unique personality,” said Giorgio Galli, Timex Group’s Chief Executive Creative Director. 

The watches retail from $275-350 AUD. 

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