Omega Lowkey Dropped 5 Very Limited Baguette Gem Speedmaster Moonwatches

These Moonwatches are limited to just five pieces. Not five pieces per variant, no, five individual one-of-a-kind watches. ...

With the Chrono Chime taking all the headlines it was easy to miss five very limited Speedmaster Moonwatches. When we say five watches, we really mean that there are only five watches. These weren’t advertised as they are going exclusively to Omega’s top clients. Either that or they’re fake.

Little is known about these watches other than that four of them are encased in white gold and one in rose gold.

They look like Speedmasters but with one key feature, the baguette gem bezels. What kind of gems they are is difficult to ascertain but we do know the colours: blue, magenta, white, and rainbow.

The red gold variant features a black dial with magenta gemstones and that’s it. The white gold variants appear in each colour including rainbow.

You can’t find these anywhere on Omega’s website and the only outlet with pictures has been Montenapo Daily, so details are scant. We can only assume that the technical specifications are the same as a regular Moonwatch, with the materials used being the main difference here.

It goes to show that Omega are leaning hard into the collector’s market and that just makes sense. They are a heritage brand with a (mostly) stellar reputation and maybe they are finally trying to move away from the “this watch went to the moon” thing and James Bond tie-ins. We can only hope.

It should be noted that there is every possibility that this release may be fake and until we get some sort of confirmation, we can’t get too excited. Not that us mere members of the public will be able to get our hands on this if they really are each one of a kind.

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