‘Gears of War’ Movie And Animated Series To Arrive At Netflix

Rumours of a Gears of War film adaptation of the popular video game series have been around for quite some time, but nothing has ever really gotten off the ground. However, after months of negotiations, Netflix has landed the rights to the franchise. Netflix will work with The Coalition, the current developers behind the games, to produce a feature film and an animated series.

No one is attached to produce, direct, or even write the projects, but reports suggest that getting these projects into development as quick as possible will be a priority.

For those unfamiliar with the series (no one would blame you, there hasn’t been a good Gears game since the third entry), it’s set on the planet Sera in the midst of societal turmoil. A war is going on between the humans of the planet over fuel (called Imulsion), but things go from bad to worse as an underground species, the Locust, invade the surface world of the humans. Now humanity faces extinction. The Locust’s motivations aren’t completely clear in the first game, but the sequels would answer those questions.

The first game is celebrating its 16th anniversary since its release on November 7, 2006. It’s been quite a popular series with over 40 million copies sold over the six instalments.

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