Daniel Craig Is The New Face Of Belvedere Vodka: Taika Waititi Directed His Debut Ad

What do Daniel Craig and Taika Waititi have in common? While the sixth James Bond and one of Hollywood’s most eccentric directors aren’t working on a new film together, the two have collaborated on a new advertisement for Belvedere vodka. 

The pair are joined by British artists Rita Ora and Giggs, who provide a unique soundtrack for the project. The ad is accompanied with a photoshoot by fashion photographer Juergen Teller, which features some alluring shots of Craig in a bathrobe.

The tagline used for the campaign is, “A familiar face, an unexpected performance,” and this is undeniably accurate. You’d expect Craig decked out in a lavish suit, with a suave look about him, perhaps even declaring that he takes his martini, “shaken, not stirred,” but this isn’t the case.

The advertisement opens just as you’d expect: a black and white filter, with Craig dressed in a sleek white suit; a stoic look on his face as he stares out over the river Seine atop the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris. He offers the camera a quick smirk, before making his way through a bustling crowd to climb into a car.

It’s here where expectations are shattered: colour washes over the scene, and a vibrant tune by Rita Ora and Giggs begins to play. Dressed in all-black, Craig emerges from the car and begins to strut through the streets: he enters the lobby of the Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, bursts into a lively groove to dance through the hotel. 

Perhaps disappointingly, Craig didn’t invent these fresh moves on his own: he was assisted by Beyoncé’s choreographer, JaQuel Knight. The influence is clear: there’s plenty of gyrating hips, snapping fingers, and mighty leaps.

It’s a side we’ve never seen of the 007 actor before: after 15 years of playing the iconic agent, it’s refreshing to see Craig move with such a whimsical energy; to show that he doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Waititi’s lively style is used to great effect here.

The advertisement ends with Craig cracking open a fresh bottle of Belvedere, before declaring, “Finally.” A cameo of Waititi follows, who instructs Craig to just be himself, and Craig flashes the camera a knowing grin while sporting a pair of sparking grills. Those interested in getting a look at the electric chemistry between Craig and Waititi should stay for the after credits outtakes.

Though the fact that Craig is acting like this as part of a brand deal is inescapable, he moves in a way that seems rather genuine. Maybe deep down, this usually-stern, cool actor has always wanted to break free from expectations with an exuberant dance number, and Waititi helped him do it. 

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