Seiko Return With Another ‘Evangelion’ Inspired Watch

All images credited to Seiko

Seiko have teamed up with the Japan Railways Group for a limited edition watch to celebrate 25 years of the 500 Series Shinkansen hyper train. Seiko have chosen to base the watch on the Evangelion Shinkansen and is presented as the “500 TYPE EVA.”

Evangelion is an absolutely massive franchise in Japan, and you can find references to it throughout the country. So much so that they have a whole bullet train paying homage to the series. So for Japanese watchmaker Seiko to take on this task isn’t surprising. Seiko often pays homage to popular Japanese culture anyway, remember those Pokémon watches?

These are limited to just 5,000 pieces and feature a chronograph function, 24-hour time sub-dial, day/date function, and the EVA Unit-01’s colour scheme.

The references to Evangelion are obvious, just make it purple with lime green highlights, perhaps add some iconography from the show? But they have managed to add references to the bullet train itself. These being the 1 o’clock position featuring a driver’s cab window motif, and the image of a bullet train windshield across the dial.

On the caseback is an engraving depicting the bullet train racing the EVA Unit-01 mech with a number out of 5,000.

If you are a fan of quick public transport and anime, then this is sure to please you. For the rest, it’s remarkably okay. It’s just a bit of fun that isn’t going to break the bank considering these are priced at ¥54,780 (~$580 AUD). It isn’t as interesting as the Seiko Evangelion Watch Project EVA-W01 which, while it was digital, had a very unique shape based on the mechs in the anime. While that watch was interesting, it also looked like a Happy Meal toy – very Grimace.

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