The New Patek Nautilus 5811/1G Is… It’s A Nautilus In White Gold

All images credited to Patek Phillipe

After the discontinuation of the extremely popular and highly sought after reference 5711, Patek has decided to give the people what they want, but in a material worthy of the price that these watches are changing hands at, in the form of the 5811.

Now for those who don’t know the 4 digit combination of five, seven, one and one, you need to. This is far, far more important than your PIN. in fact, if you own one of these, you won’t need a PIN. at all. The 5711 will open doors to places and experiences that you’ve never even dreamt about. Such, is the power, of the five seven one one.

But oh you ask. If the five seven one one is so ever powerful, why then is there now a five eight one one? And how would this reference rank in over scheme of things?

Of course the 5811 is going to be at a higher ranked position because this time it’s in white gold, and white gold is a much more expensive material than stainless steel. The only reason the steel was hyped up so much was simply due to demand outstripping supply. Besides, with the 5811 they have kept the styling as close to 5711 as they could muster, because you do not tinker with a classic. Just ask Porsche. However there is a slight increase in the oversize of the watch, by 1mm, which is negligible. There is also a slight increase of 0.1mm in overall case height, which again, you won’t notice. 

Inside the new 5811 beats a new, updated movement. But of course, when we say you don’t tinker with a classic, that also extends to the movement specs. Here you’ll find the exact same power reserve as the movement it replaced, and it still features the black-on-white date disc, for legibility concerns of course.

There is also a new on-the-fly micro adjustment clasp on the bracelet. This is something that is sorely needed on this sort of integrated bracelet style as butterfly clasps don’t usually lend themselves well to on-the-fly adjustments. This is a huge plus for people in climates that affect the expansion and contraction of the wrist. (Getting out of an air-conditioned room to the hot humid outdoors, then into the air-conditioned limo, and so forth).

Patek is certainly on to a winner here with the Nautilus in white gold, as it is now a much better for value for money proposition, and it is no longer seen as an entry level watch to the world of Patek. How long the queue for these will be determined by many factors, but in the current economic climate, I suspect the queue may not be as long as they once were. However, if you haven’t already hassled your favourite Patek AD by now, you might be in for a bit of a wait.

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