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The $200K Caviar iPhone Is A $200K Mistake

Want an iPhone with a Rolex screwed to the back of it? No, why would anyone? Especially not for Caviar's asking price of over $200K AUD. ...
Credit: Caviar

Need an over-the-top iPhone? Caviar have you covered (as long as you have absolutely no taste). The brand has just presented its updated “Grand Complications” collection of the recent iPhone 14 Pro. This isn’t just any custom phone because it has a bloody Rolex Cosmograph Daytona embedded into it. Now you really don’t want to drop your phone because this will set you back just over $200,000 AUD (~$134,250 USD).

This phone is an exercise in futility. Who is this for? You really have to have too much money and awful taste to buy this. What’s worse is they’ve even ruined a beautiful Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116508, a yellow gold watch with eight diamonds and a price tag ranging from $80-100,000 AUD.

This looks like something you could buy off Alibaba or, it doesn’t look like something worth $200,000. Which, if anything, isn’t that the point of buying something like this? To make sure everyone knows that you’ve spent a lot of money?

Thankfully, there’s only three of these because can you imagine trying to sell more? Hell, will they only sell one?

Side note: how does this even fit in your pocket properly? It must be so uncomfortable to hold!

Think about this, what happens once the phone is out of date? When the watch inevitably outlasts the phone? Is removal an option or is this just a pure collector’s item. If it’s the latter, the watch itself would have been a better investment.


The Blue Bird

In addition to the Rolex, Caviar have added dashboard dials and switches, both made from 18K yellow gold. These additions and the general design are supposed to influenced by the “Blue Bird supercar of Malcolm Campbell” which… what? The Blue Bird, for starters, is blue and chrome. You could make the argument that it’s inspired by cars from the 1930s, which they do mention, but why name drop the Blue Bird? Because it broke a land speed record? Is that the only reason?

If you want to check it out, you can, and it seems that all of the available phones are still in stock so if you really want to, you can still buy one.


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