Ryan Gosling’s Next Action Blockbuster Is Being Shot In Australia

Credit: Focus Features

Ryan Gosling is filming the feature length adaptation of Glen A. Larson’s TV series The Fall Guy in Sydney, and he’s recently been spotted in costume in the Sydney CBD, sporting a blonde wig and bushy beard. 

A statement released by former Federal Arts minister Paul Fletcher detailed the benefits The Fall Guy will have on the Australian economy. Released in May 2022, the statement read:

“We are pleased to welcome The Fall Guy down under with $30 million is support from our highly successful Location Incentive, with the production to employ over 1000 Australian cast and crew, and more than 3015 Australian extras…we are delivering more jobs, a strong economy and a stronger future for Australians.”

According to Fletcher, The Fall Guy will inject approximately $244 million into the Australian economy.

Aside from Emily Blunt, no cast members have been confirmed to join Gosling in Sydney for the filming of The Fall Guy. Not many details regarding the film have been released, however, it is confirmed that it will be directed by David Leitch.

Universal Studios will release the film, emerging victorious after a 2021 bidding war for the project. Universal Pictures President of Physical Production Jeff LePlante spoke on the film, saying, “Universal is thrilled to return to Australia and base in New South Wales for the highly-anticipated film, The Fall Guy. The filmmakers and the Universal team are looking forward to working alongside the talented local crews to make this project a reality.”

The Fall Guy is expected to be released on March 1, 2024. 

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