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Grand Seiko Debut Their First Ever Australian Exclusive, GMT SBGJ269

Australia is one of the few lucky countries that is getting an exclusive Grand Seiko, the GMT SBGJ269....

Australia is one of the few lucky countries that is getting an exclusive Grand Seiko. The GMT SBGJ269, a very pink watch, is inspired by the native Pink Flannel Flower (Actinotus forsythia) that grows around the east coast of New South Wales and Victoria. It must be said that it’s noice, very noice.

The Pink Flannel Flower is often considered a representative of a new chapter in the lifecycle of the landscape as it blooms following the rains after bushfires. “It is a sign of rebirth and renewal that showcases nature’s ability to overcome adversity.”

Don’t you just love Grand Seiko’s marketing when they talk about the inspiration of their watches? They’re often quite lyrical and often relate to nature in some capacity. The sentiment is nice too. There is a downside to Grand Seiko’s storytelling – you have less room to make your own story, you’re always influenced a little by what the brand has already told you. But this a minor gripe.

The SBGJ269 is part of Grand Seiko’s Elegance Collection whose philosophy is “understatement as artistry.” This watch fits that philosophy well as it somehow manages to fit a GMT function in it without feeling cluttered, keeping that minimal design. Though it must be said that it is one of the busier watches in the collection.

It’s powered by Grand Seiko’s in-house automatic GMT calibre 9S86 with an accuracy variability of +5/-3 seconds per day. It has a sizable power reserve of 55 hours as well. you can also take a peek of it through the sapphire crystal caseback.

This watch has grown on me. Throughout the process of writing this, I kept looking back at it and started to like it a little more each time. It still isn’t a favourite of mine but there’s something about that pink dial that piques my interest. Maybe it’s simply because you don’t see too many pink dials, or at least a pink dial like this.

I definitely prefer this watch on the stainless-steel bracelet rather than the crocodile strap but each to their own on that one. At least it’s nice to know you can dress this watch up or down depending on the event.

There are only 50 of these available priced at $10,000 AUD.

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