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Cillian Murphy Provides Update On ‘Peaky Blinders’ Movie

Following the announcement that 'Peaky Blinders' would end with a movie, fans of the widely popular show have been buzzing in anticipation....
Credit: Netflix

Following the announcement that Peaky Blinders would end with a movie, fans of the widely popular show have been buzzing in anticipation.

In July, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight revealed he was actively working on the film, stating, “I’m writing it right now. I mean, I’m nearly done writing it, and we’re going to shoot it…we’re going to shoot it at the studios in Digbeth, and on location in Digbeth in Birmingham…where the Peaky Blinders actually roamed. So it’s like Peaky’s coming home, basically.” 

In a September interview, Knight further went on to comment on the film, saying, “Nearly nearly nearly, it’s almost there…we’ve got the shooting schedule, we’ve got the dates for when we start, so that’s all going to happen.”

Though news regarding the film has been relatively slow and quiet following this, Cillian Murphy, who plays the iconic character Tommy Shelby, has provided an update on it in a recent interview with Today FM. 

When asked if the script was close to being finished, Murphy said, “Yes, I believe so. I’ve still not read it but that’s the plan, the plan is to make a film and to continue the story but in the cinematic world rather than on the television.” 

The star then added, “The television part of the story is finished. If there’s more stories to tell, I’m there. I just haven’t read it yet but it’s close apparently.”

The film is expected to adapt real stories that took place during World War II, the time period in which it will be set. Steven Knight had previously revealed this, stating “I’ve had this in mind for quite a while now, a story with the Peakys during the Second World War, and I’ve picked up three true stories that I’m integrating into the film…there was so much going on and so much death and destruction, lots of things happened that didn’t really make it into the history books. So it’s those things I’m focusing on.” 

Knight has also previously hinted that there could be a brand new series following the film if there is wide demand. 

“I think after the film, we will look at it,” he said, “It would be me sort of launching possible new stories into the 50s, and then I would hand over the baton of writing and creating the thing to other people.” 

He then added, “If there is an appetite for the world then it will continue.”

Though Peaky Blinders aired its last episode months ago, fans certainly haven’t been left with nothing to look forward to. 


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