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Target Rumoured To Be Collaborating With Balenciaga And Supreme

The rumour is probably too good to be true, but Target may be opening a store with Balenciaga and Supreme items available....

UPDATE: It’s not happening, it’s fake, Dan Bravo has confirmed as much as well as Target and Balenciaga. 

We live in the strangest timeline if this rumour turns out to be true. TikTok creator, Dan Bravo, claims that retailer Target is opening a “premium concept store,” Target Black, that will stock items from Balenciaga and Supreme.

Dan Bravo is self-styled real estate investor who claims that he’s “working on a commercial for them right now, so I can’t show you what’s inside.” He goes on to claim that there will be an organic food section and a Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

We will continue with what he has to say, but it should be noted that this information should be taken with a grain of salt (maybe a spoonful). 

The TikTok in question shows what looks like an under-construction storefront with a black Target sign. Bravo says that Target Black will open in Manhattan’s west side near High Line, which interestingly enough is where Target’s corporate office is found leading some to speculate that those offices are what is featured in the video. Target’s corporate logo is also black and white, the same as appears on the façade.

Not one of the companies involved has released any official statements surrounding the video.

One has to wonder why Balenciaga and Supreme would water down their brand by releasing exclusive items with Target. Both brands, particularly Supreme, pride themselves on limited releases as part of their (successful) business model. While it would be nice to have affordable versions of these products, it doesn’t make much sense for these brands to do so. Balenciaga is next level luxury and avant-garde with styles that aren’t meant to appeal to the masses, doing this would alter that image irrevocably.

In saying that, YEEZY Gap was a success but those were designed with mass market appeal and availability in mind. Luxury fashion just doesn’t play by the same rules.

Either way, we will know for sure by November when Bravo believes the store will open.


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