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Sydney To Receive World First Ferrari Exhibition in November

To celebrate 75 years of Ferrari, a world first exhibition will be held right here in Sydney, showing off what the brand has to offer and their heritage....

It’s been 75 years of Ferrari and in observance of this anniversary, Ferrari are hosting their first Universo exhibition right here in Sydney. From 26-29 November, Ferrari’s clientele will be initially invited to a “highly immersive experience.” Don’t worry non-rich motoring enthusiasts, Ferrari have been so kind as to open the final day to the public.

The exhibition itself will be focused on Ferrari’s heritage while also being home to a number of launches. Hosted at the Royal Randwick racecourse, Universo Ferrari will have multiple curated areas to showcase all aspects of Ferrari operations. There will be a historical segment showcasing Ferrari’s achievements in engineering and motor-racing.

That might be interesting, but the thing that will grab headlines is Ferrari planning on launching two new products at the event including the controversial SUV, the Purosangue. This will be the first public look at the car in the southern hemisphere. Perhaps to ensure a somewhat positive response or offset the potentially negative one the Purosangue may receive, they are also showcasing the Daytona SP3. This is the third release in the in Ferrari’s “Icona” series, an ultra-limited tribute to their iconic P4 racing cars.

For racing fans, there’s a guided tour of Scuderia Ferrari. You get to see their heritage vehicles and discover the stories behind the factory experts who restored them.

If you’re interested, tickets are $50.


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