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‘Halloween Ends’ Alternate Endings Revealed By Director

SPOILER WARNING! 'Halloween Ends' director, David Gordon Green, details several alternate endings for the film....
Credit: Miramax

Halloween Ends has just hit cinemas and director, David Gordon Green, decided he would kind of spoil the film by discussing two alternate endings he had for the film. Take this as your spoiler warning!

According to Green, “There was a version where Laurie [Jamie Lee Curtis] didn’t make it… And there’s a version where Corey [Rohan Campbell] did make it.”

The former version was one that many fans were expecting, while the latter may have opened up the potential for further sequels.

Green explains that the Laurie ending was an experiment:

“As we started our path, we did a pass of just Laurie, me and the writers were sitting down, and then when we got to the moment where Laurie puts a gun in her mouth, we had a big decision to make. And so then we decided to get playful and see what we could do to surprise each other, and that’s where it becomes Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Green explained that this ending was scrapped in order to retain anticipation for the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael Myers: “… that final confrontation brawl between Laurie and Michael are going to have when they face off finally becomes the beacon of catharsis for us, and what we were really working towards was to make that as satisfying as possible.”

Corey is Laurie’s granddaughter’s disturbed boyfriend who in the theatrical version dies, but there were two alternate endings for Corey, one where he returned to a “normal” state and carried on his life, or one where he dons the mask of Michael Myers. As Green explains:

“There’s that version where he could have [survived and returned to normal], yeah, that would’ve been his arc. He dabbled in it, he stuck his toe in the water and he stepped back.”

But, as Green continued: “If you’re going to continue the franchise in some form beyond me, then you take him and he dons the mask and it’s Shape 2.0 or whatever the variation might be. But I kind of felt like the more specific my vision for this film got, the more possessive of Corey I got. Once I met Rohan, I fell in love with what we could do with that character, and then I wanted to make sure we didn’t leave it so open-ended.”

Which ending would you have preferred?

For more, Jamie Lee Curtis says she is open to more Halloween films. 


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